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All things coffee!

My love for coffee has been finding it’s way into some of my recent bakes with the hope of eventually offering a Coffee Lover’s Cookie Box of some kind.

First up, we’ve got Espresso Snickerdoodles (or Espressodoodles, if you will). These are our basic Snickerdoodle recipe but we ditched the cinnamon and added some espresso. There’s a really nice contrast between the sweetness of the cookie and the bitterness of the espresso.

Next up, we have Kahlua and Cacao Nibs Biscotti! A bit different than straight coffee, we went with the coffee liqueur. Interestingly, these were almost reminiscent of a tropical flavor, with subtle banana notes and the cacao nibs adds a nice crunch to these cookies.

biscotti cookies on a cobalt blue plate
Kahlua and Cacao Nibs Biscotti

Last, but certainly, not least, we have Brownie Sandwich Cookies with an Espresso Buttercream! These are everything you love about brownies (cracked top, gooey center, crusty edges) in a cookie and then putting a delicious espresso creamy center between the two. Espresso really brings out the chocolate flavor, but you also get a really nice coffee flavor from the cream itself.

I really enjoyed each of these bakes for different reasons, but my favorite, by far, were the Brownie cookies with the Espresso Buttercream! They will also be made available as a stand alone item, so be sure to keep an eye on out for our next markets and where you can snag these goodies!

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