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Check out my most recent bakes at a farmers’ market near you!

  • Vegan Cheese and Chive Scones

    Vegan Cheese and Chive Scones

    Vegan Cheese and Chive Scones! To say I am in LOVE with these would be an understatement because they are reminiscent of the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits! I took our vegan scone base and added some chives and the delicious dairy free cashew parm from The Farmer Foodie. I cannot wait to bring these […]

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  • Belated Easter Bakes

    Belated Easter Bakes

    I’m quite a bit behind in posting here, so I’m posting a few items I made around the Easter season. First up are these beautiful Neapolitan Cookies I made as part of a customer order! I always have such fun making these cookies and they’re full of flavor! Just like the ice cream! Next up, […]

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  • Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

    Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

    Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies!!! Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy, so I baked them into our jumbo cookies! What’s not to love? Available now for ordering (local delivery only) this website (click ‘Order’ at the top of the page). We ony have a few spots left for Easter Sunday delivery!

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  • Cap’n Crunch Cookies

    Cap’n Crunch Cookies

    We’re kicking off the week with Cap’n Crunch Cookies! I’m obsessed with cereal cookies and these will be hard to beat. I think it’s the nostalgia I feel when I eat Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal. What cereal should I bake into cookies next? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Poppy Seed Coffeecake

    Poppy Seed Coffeecake

    If you like poppy seeds as much as I do, then you will LOVE this cake. It is moist and full of flavor (without being overly sweet) and topped off with a simple dusting of powdered sugar. A slice is the perfect pairing for a cup of coffee or tea.

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