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Conchas and Crullers

Back again to share some fall bakes with you. Conchas have been on my to-make it list for awhile and after watching a recent episode of GBBO, I decided to try to make them. Since it’s fall, I decided to try making them in line with the season and ended up with Pumpkin Spice Conchas!

These cute sweet bread were topped with an orange and brown colored pumpkin spice flavored topping, resulting in a pumpkin shaped concha. Not bad for a first attempt!

In my family, it’s not fall without Nanny’s Crullers!

In my family, it’s not fall without Nanny’s Crullers! As kids, we would go to my grandparent’s house after trick or treating for some freshly fried crullers! Even after I went away to college or when I moved out of state for work, Nanny would always send me a tin with some crullers and candy for Halloween. Making these brought back a lot of happy memories! 馃グ

Not to be confused with French crullers, these donut-like delights have a touch of spice in the dough, which gives them a distinctive flavor. We like to eat them with some powdered sugar on top, but they are just as good plain. Looking forward to sharing these happy memories with you!

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