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I decided to try baking something new: Sękacz. It’s a Polish cake traditionally made over a spit fire, and is formed in layers, resulting in a tree shape. Since I don’t have a spit fire, I used the next best thing: my oven’s broiler and tried baking it like a pound cake. The end result was something delicious and you can clearly see the individual layers of cake.

If you’re curious, you can read more about Sękacz here:

While the end product looks and tasted great, the reality is that there were some epic fails along the way. That’s just the nature of trying something new (especially when you’ve never made the recipe before AND you’re using your new oven’s broiler for the first time). I think it’s important to share these with you because this shows how much work goes into bringing new recipes to market. I did have a lot of fun trying this one out and I learned a lot along the way. I don’t think it’s quite ready for the market, but it’s a work in progress!

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