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  • Kitchen Sink Cookies 2

    Kitchen Sink Cookies 2

    Yesterday was cold and snowy, so I stayed indoors and baked some Kitchen Sink Cookies! It also gave me an opportunity to empty out my pantry of the odds and ends left over from test bakes. These cookies were packed with mini M&Ms, mini pretzels, pecans, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips! I love kitchen sink […]

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  • Matcha Brookies

    Matcha Brookies

    If you love matcha, then you are going to love these! We took took everything we loved about our brookies to highlight the flavor of matcha. (And when we say highlight, we mean it… the matcha flavor is very strong!) These pair a gooey matcha brownie with a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie! Yum! What […]

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  • Brookies


    What’s not to love about the combination of gooey brownies with heath bar pieces and chocolate chip sprinkle cookies? I can think of a few more mix-ins I’d like to try…What about you? What type of mix-ins do you like in a brookie? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Two Cupcake Bakes (Matcha and Cookies n Cream)

    Two Cupcake Bakes (Matcha and Cookies n Cream)

    First up, we have Matcha Cupcakes featuring a Strawberry filling and White Chocolate Buttercream! This was only my second time baking with matcha (I made Panda Bread a long time ago), so I need to make some tweaks to the recipe, but I love this flavor combination so much! Are you a fan of matcha? […]

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  • Cherry Anise Muffins

    Cherry Anise Muffins

    I’ve been pretty quiet on social media this past week and that’s because I had jury duty. So I haven’t had time to bake much, but here’s something new I baked over the weekend: Cherry Anise Muffins! The anise flavor is subtle but pairs nicely with the cherries and almond extract in this bake, which […]

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