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Belated Easter Bakes

I’m quite a bit behind in posting here, so I’m posting a few items I made around the Easter season. First up are these beautiful Neapolitan Cookies I made as part of a customer order!

I always have such fun making these cookies and they’re full of flavor! Just like the ice cream!

Next up, I’m sharing what I made for my family’s Easter dessert: Marble Pound Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Cadbury Mini Eggs (of course!). Take a look at that beautiful swirl!

This wasn’t something we’d typically eat for Easter (usually we enjoy Babka made with our family recipe), but I really love Cadbury Mini Eggs and decided to do something a little different!

Last up, another one of my cereal cookie bakes: Jumbo Cookie Crisp Chocolate Chip cookies! These were born of a request from a coworker, and they were gone very quickly!

These were a modification of our favorite Jumbo Cookie base, rather than a sugar cookie base like the other cereal cookies, but it worked out great with the addition of the chocolate chips!

Summer market season starts next month! Check out our Markets page to see where you can find us. What kind of goodies would you like to see available? Let us know in the comments below!

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